Word of the Day: idyll

idyll: A lighthearted carefree episode or experience.

pronunciation: \ EYE-dl \

example: From too much looking back, he was destroyed, . . . trying to re-create an idyll that never truly existed except in his own imagination.

Word of the Day: bilocation

bilocation: the state of being or ability to be in two places at the same time

pronunciation: \ bahy-loh-KEY-shuhn \

example: He experienced a sudden, startling sense of bilocation.

Word of the Day: halcyon

halcyon: Calm; quiet; peaceful; undisturbed; happy;

pronunciation: \ HAL-see-uhn \

example: It was a halcyon life

Word of the Day: incondite

incondite: badly put together : crude

pronunciation: \ in-KON-dit \

example: He should of spell-checked before he sent these incondite articles to press.

Word of the Day: compeer

compeer: close friend; comrade.

pronunciation: \ kuhm-PEER \

example: Have you seen my compeer John lately?